This is what got me into the business to begin with - my Bally Mata Hari Pinball Machine, which I've had since 1978.  I taught myself electronics by learning to read schematics and service manuals before a 4-year run at Austin Community College for Electronics Technology.

​Vintage Pinball and Stereo Repair Services - Austin, Texas Area

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Welcome to my Vintage Pinball Machine and Stereo Repair web site.  I provide Pinball Machine Repair Services throughout the Austin area / Texas Hill Country and the occasional audio component, as well. Contact me 24/7 at (830) 598-2694 about any Pinball or Audio question!  Some speaker services are offered - re-surrounding of rotted foam, or finding a replacement driver for a beloved speaker.  I have been in my field for over 35 years and have always found it both challenging and enjoyable.

Stereo Receivers and Amplifiers are also repaired in my Shop.  I stick mainly to the two-channel variety that need either a little TLC, cleaning, Output Transistors replaced, and similar problems fixed.  I use original parts as much as possible for optimum performance.

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I travel through the Austin, San Antonio, and Hill Country for Service Calls.  The initial cost for a Service Call is a $100 Evaluation Fee, with normal service rates to follow after the first evaluation hour.  Repair Rates run at $90 per hour.  Repairs come with a 30 day Warranty - but call me immediately at any time should the need arise! Payment is via Cash or Check at the time of Service. Contact me with any special needs or consultations.  

I provide board-level repair in my home shop for the early Bally board sets such as the one pictured.   I am very familiar with them, and have repaired many of all the boards pictured here.

I am also capable of repairing the X-Y monitors in several of the 1980's Arcade Machines, specializing in the Wells-Gardner Color X-Y monitor in the Tempest Video Games!

I am also a Certified Electronic Technician in Industrial Electronics, Card No. TX737, issued 5/30/95 in my last semester of College.