​Vintage Pinball and Stereo Repair Services - Austin, Texas Area

How it all started

Electronics has always been both a passion and hobby for me long before it became a Business Enterprise.  I started my own Arcade Game route while a Freshman in High School on January 1, 1981.  At the time I was the youngest Game Operator in the State of Texas, and possibly the whole country!  I purchased the machines from Vendors (picking them out was the fun part!), and tended to the whole business - moved the machines from location to location, did repairs as needed, prepared the accounting paperwork, etc.  I ran the route for 10 years before ending it in February 1991, due to the glut of machines on the market and the fast-emerging Home Gaming units which effectively forced many of the Video and Pinball Machine operators out of business.  I still have several of my original Arcade Game machines, including my Pac-Man machine, which I purchased on March 23, 1981.  I am good with repair of X-Y monitors from various machines, including the troublesome Wells-Gardner Color X-Y monitors from Tempest!

During this time, I started my studies at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas, and began learning to repair my own stereos and other Consumer Electronic equipment for friends and Customers here in the Texas Hill Country.  I won two trophies for two different ACC Electronics Students Association Contests - got 'Best Overall' both times!!  (see last pictures)  Audio gear is a big hobby for me - I have a subwoofer that I designed, and built with a friend, in my Stereo System that weighs in at nearly 200 pounds!  I've been into Audio gear since my father showed me how to use his Wollensak Reel-to-Reel tape machine at the age of 4, and still have the family RCA 1968 Stereo Console that was used with it!  I own over 40 pairs of speakers and various audio gear collected over the years, a large supply of parts for most of them, and Service Manuals for most of the gear I own.  

I enjoy a clean, distortion-free sound in my Stereo Room, and still have the original speaker set, turntable, and receiver that started it all when I purchased them in 1983!   I have added greatly to it over the last 30 years, with Genesis Speakers being among my favorite brands of speakers, including KLH, EPI, and some of the earlier Realistic models.  I currently use a Pioneer A-70 amplifier for each channel for my main large speakers, and still use my original Realistic Receiver to power all of the smaller speakers, and the 15" Flat Baffle speakers on my Stereo Table, and a pair of EPI A-70's in the high rear corners of the listening room.  A pair of KLH Model 6 sits underneath the pinball machines in the rear corners of the room, hooked up to the Main Speaker set.  Other equipment includes an Akai GX-77 Reel-to-Reel unit, a Numark DJ-style dual-tray CD player with Pitch Control, an Onkyo Integra EQ-35 Equalizer, Panasonic DVD player for watching movies on a home-made screen, and a Pioneer Elite CT-93 Cassette Player.  It may not look like the best system in the world, but it sure sounds like it!

How I may assist your needs:  If you treasure your vintage arcade and stereo equipment as I do, I'll give it the personal touch that it deserves.  My repair work is guaranteed for 30 days unconditionally.  As I mentioned, this is not only a passion and hobby, but a professional interest, as well.   Please use the Contact Form to get in touch.  Let me know if it is a Service Call, or, if you'd like to send in something, I'll provide my address for you to ship it via UPS to my location.  Return Shipping will also be via UPS.

​Thank you for visiting my site!                                                                      John Alexander, Owner